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Göteborg — Retail Guide Sweden used data from the number of the population from official sources. Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on Gothenburg · Population. Question: What is the population of Gothenburg? Answer: Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden (Administrative unit: Västra Götalands län) - last known population is ≈ 541 100 (year 2014). This was 5.577% of total Sweden population.

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THE LIGHTHOUSE CITY OF GOTHENBURG General Information . Gothenburg is a port city with a strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen. It has a population of around 533 000 and is Sweden´s second largest city. 70 % of Scandinavia´s total industrial capacity is located within a 500-km radius of the Gothenburg region and 30% of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest populated city. This industrial city is situated on the west coast of the country and was founded by Gustavus Adolphus in 1621. Gothenburg is at the mouth of the river Göta älv, which leads into Kattegatt, an outlet of the North Sea. Gothenburg, Sweden: Things to do in the greenest city on Earth. a leader in sustainability whose population is expected to balloon by a third over the next 15 years thanks to its increasing Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborg is a city and municipality in the province Västergötland on the west-coast of Sweden.

It located on Sweden's west coast at the outlet of  The Department of Neurosurgery in Gothenburg is the single neurosurgical centre in the Western region of Sweden with a referral base of about 2 million people  10 Feb 2021 It is situated by Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden, and has a population of approximately 570,000 in the city proper and about 1 million  15 Jun 2015 THOUGHTS (attractions and time durations posted below for each excursion)I visited Gothenburg for a conference where I presented a poster  28 Oct 2015 Gothenburg is located right by the Kattegat sea, on the west coast of Sweden, and has a population of a little over 500 000. It is located about  11 Dec 2017 Yet the western Swedish city of Gothenburg, headquarters of Volvo Car There Muslims make up a significant percentage of the population. 5 Nov 2019 Swedish Jews suffered 280 attacks in 2018; overall, number of racist after a synagogue was attacked in Gothenburg, Sweden, December 9, 2017.

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Vinga island is  On the west coast of Sweden , especially in the province of Bohuslän , which extends from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border , fishing has at all times Of the fishing carried on by the population of these coasts the so - called ' storfisket  It is situated by Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden, and has a population of approximately 570,000 in the city proper and about 1 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. Gothenburg was founded as a heavily fortified, primarily Dutch, trading colony, by royal charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus. Gothenburg is a city in Sweden that is one of the largest in all of the Nordic countries. It is the second-largest city in the country.

Gothenburg sweden population

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Gothenburg sweden population

3 Jul 2020 Sweden's population is ageing, so providing good elderly care becomes increasingly important. Many elderly Swedes are in good health and  4 days ago Sweden, country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern the east and the west, especially around Stockholm and Gothenburg. Today, 34% of the population of Gothenburg, Sweden, was born outside of the country or has at least one parent born abroad.

Gothenburg sweden population

But despite its  26 Feb 2019 Swedish population: from old to very old age in the Gothenburg H70 Birth Cohort Studies. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences 29, e26,.
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Gothenburg sweden population

It is home to a variety of strong industries and Scandinavia’s largest port.

Interesting Facts about Gothenburg. Gothenburg Country: Sweden Gothenburg by the Numbers: Population: 478,000 Elevation: 174 feet Average Annual Precipitation: 29.2 inches Average January Temperature: 33 degrees F Average July Temperature: 61 degrees F Welcome to Gothenburg A friendly city on the west coast of Sweden, where you’ll find a vibrant cultural scene, world-class restaurants and a fascinating history – all within walking distance.
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Location. Gothenburg, Sweden. Public or Private?

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We have also continued our strategic work to develop Gothenburg as a destination 6 City of Gothenburg Annual Report 2018 Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, with a population of just over half a million.